Who we are:


A Dutch based group of Senior Consultants specialised in performance improvement (profit and quality). Members of our team have completed projects with; TNT, GVB, KBC, Caroma and Ford amongst others throughout their various careers. In most instances we are able to help organizations reduce their operating cost between 10 - 20%.


What we deliver:


After completing an analysis, if we see an opportunity for a client to substantially increase revenue / reduce costs and/or improve quality and get at least a 250% return on their investment, then we will commence a project.


Most projects have guaranteed results!



A project gets a client a double effect on their profits

is the performance improvement the client gets from completing a PRODUCTIVITY PROFESSIONALS project.

     is the on going benefits the client gets "FREE" as a result of management and supervision being trained in and using the PRODUCTIVITY PROFESSIONALS continuous improvement techniques.


During the course of the project our team will work "hands on" with client management and supervision to:

    - identify process performance indicators

    - set long and short term goals

    - follow-up and take action when operating problems cause goals not to be achieved

    - identify and remove causes of "lost opportunity"

    - match resources to "the work"

    - streamline organization communications

    - streamline processes

    - measure improvements

    - train staff

The result is changed management and supervisory behaviours that deliver tangible, quantifiable and sustainable improvements.


Areas of expertise:


Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Banking, Food production, Logistics, Heavy Industry, Textile production, Automotive, Power Plants and more.


We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how the PRODUCTIVITY PROFESSIONALS program applies to your organization.


Phone: +31 (020) 779-4997